Dota 2 Cheats: How to Get Free $60 worth of Steam Wallet Codes Everyday


Dota 2 Cheats: Watch the Video Guide and Proof. Remember to watch until the end of the video to see what did I buy with $60 worth of free steam codes I got from this site

Love playing Dota 2? Do you want to customized your character? Do you want to buy certain item sets for your favorite hero? If you are an avid Dota 2 player like me, you know how “Expensive” playing dota 2 can be even though the game itself is free to play. This is because of the items especially if you want to gear up your favorite hero to become a good looking one in the game. There are always new sets of items coming out and this can blow up your wallet really fast. And I also have to mention that not all of us has the ability to spend real money in the game. That’s why whatever your problem is whether your tired of spending your hard earned cash or you just simply don’t have the money to spend in the game, our dota 2 cheats free steam wallet codes will certainly help you.

Actually this is not exactly a Dota 2 cheats. I just want to call it this way cause using our website, you can have dota 2 free items of your choice without spending any real money in the game. Rather getting a free steam codes and then redeeming it in steam and use that fund to get the items you want. Does that sound cheating? Yes! At least for me.

So how exactly this site can help you get Dota 2 free items? By giving you Free Steam Wallet Codes you can redeem at steam. Yeah that simple. What’s the catch? Don’t worry there is no catch here. You can think of this as a promotion of our site. We plan to make this site bigger and create a community of Dota 2 players. That’s why we need your help by liking our page, sharing us in facebook, tweeting us in twitter, etc… and promoting our site to your friends because we plan on releasing guides, articles, news, videos, etc. about Dota 2 soon.

dota 2 cheats

Dota 2 Cheats: How to Get Your Free Steam Wallet Codes

You may be wondering how the heck we could be giving this free steam wallet codes? We can’t exactly disclose the method on how we are doing it. All I can say to you is that we have a method of getting this $20 gift card code in bulk for very cheap price. Thus we are using this as a giveaway to promote our site. So in return please do like our pages help us make this site grow by referring it to your friends who plays dota 2 or a member of steam.

This dota 2 cheats is not only for dota 2 players, as long as you use steam as your game portal you can use our free steam wallet codes. So what are you waiting for? Grab your codes now and start buying games or items in steam. Enjoy!

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  • admin  says:

    We have make the comments section on “approval” because of the heavy spam comments we are getting in this site. We hope you understand. Don’t afraid to comment here though. If your comment is not a spam and on topic, you will see your comment here upon approval.

  • Daniel  says:

    lol how could you sustain this? I’m really amazed. I just got my 3rd set of codes today which sums up to $180 worth of steam codes all in all. This is just amazing

    • admin  says:

      The answer to your question is actually our secret :). Just enjoy the codes!

  • Filiph Lindström  says:

    This really did work! It has helped me out so much! I’ve been always looking for item giveaways just to have some item in my inventory. Now all of that is over and I can buy anything I want with this. Thank you so much!. . Hugs. . /from Sweden

  • +TheGreatPuck+  says:

    Amazing ! I just got $60 code for totally FREE! I suggest you try it too

  • Na'Vi DDDD  says:

    i got 20$ of steam !!

  • Pro Pudge  says:

    I’m glad I have trusted you. Now I can finally buy my favorite pudge set… Beware of my hook!!! LoL

  • kuroooooo  says:

    this is awesome bro but my account should better not get banned

    • admin  says:

      There’s no way you can get banned by just redeeming steam codes right? If your account gets banned, it’s not because of redeeming the codes you got from our site but it’s because of you doing something stupid. Enjoy the free codes.

  • add me in steam: Garuda1990  says:

    This is sick!!! Thanks a lot. Never thought there were something like this. I will share this with all of my dota 2 friends. Now it’s time to buy some nice items :)

  • Enrique  says:

    this is the best giveaway I have seen for dota 2 so far. You guys are the best and I am your fan now. I love you for this.

  • P. Hoffman  says:

    I did all the steps and it actually works

  • Dota_Pro_Ishut  says:

    Shit your genius bro!!! I have been looking for this like forever. And you finally made my dream come true! By the way I’m a pro dota player. HAHA! XD

  • fuck u ../..  says:

    all this steam codes giveaway are fake and hack your accounts

    • admin  says:

      Fake? Did you already tried it? Hack your accounts? How the heck we are going to hack anyone’s account? Can you explain this to me? We are not asking for any username or password here. What, our codes w/c is in plain text is infected with some kind of a virus that will hack your account once you redeem it? Are you high bro? Seriously?

  • [A]  says:

    This thing works. Legit website and video. Thank you for the codes, I am glad I did the steps and never doubt this site.

  • Vladimír Mik  says:

    I badly want the new invoker set. You’re a life saver! Thanks for the codes

  • I love sniper  says:

    I’ve got my 3 codes a few days ago, back to get more :D

  • Garry S.  says:

    this is lame -_- steam is doing a good job serving us players by bringing all the possible games in a one stop shop. We have to support them for that great job and not to cheat them!

    • admin  says:

      I understand were you are coming but you have to also consider that not every steam player has the ability to spend real money on any game. Besides we are not actually cheating steam. This is a free steam codes giveaway. This steam codes are from steam itself. Maybe I should remove the word “Cheats” in my post cause obviously, not everyone is reading my post before commenting here.

  • [A]llBlue  says:


  • дахумпао  says:

    Does this work on any country?

    • admin  says:

      Yes it does. Enjoy.

  • iORk  says:

    Before I had to pay for them with real life money on their website. But now that I have this, I don’t need to spend more. Damn you steam!

  • AIO  says:

    I’ve already tried so many kind of steam codes giveaway and nothing works!!! But this one is the real deal! THANKS MAN

  • >Just Sayin  says:

    Does this seriously work?

    • admin  says:

      There’s no way to find out but to try it yourself. It’s not that hard to gather referrals to your link :)

  • Crystal Maiden  says:

    I don’t know how to thank you guys for this amazing give away

  • William  says:

    Word bro!!! I was able to get my first $60 worth of codes!! My little bro is jealous lololol

  • Johnny  says:

    can someone please help me because the code I got doesn’t work

    • Dr.Hooker  says:

      did you enter it to the right place?

    • admin  says:

      As Dr.Hooker said, did you enter it to the right place? If your answer to this question is yes, please contact our support and send us the codes you got and we will replace it if it’s really not working.

  • SPiKEY  says:

    Thank you so much my friend ! I just got my free steam wallet codes ! Thank you so much !

  • NOOBFEEDER  says:

    Yeesssss finaly finished all the steps and got my 3 codes. Will be back in 24 hours for more.

  • Brian G. Crowley  says:

    thx!!! oh my god i finally got the codes thx!!!!

  • steam: catandro  says:

    pls? give me some codes my steam account is catandro pls

    • admin  says:

      Hi, I understand your need of this free codes but you must also understand the reason why we are giving away this codes. We are gathering subscribers to our website so in return for those people who help us bring people to this site by referring people, we will reward them with free steam codes. So the only way you can get free steam codes from this site is to refer people.

  • катала  says:

    I have got $60 today. Enjoy everybody :D

  • xxx Jamie xxx  says:

    Is this safe? Of course I want free steam codes but my account safety is more important

    • admin  says:

      I can’t see any reason why this is not safe for your account or any account. Your just redeeming steam codes in your account. So I can say this is 100% safe for any account.

      But if you feel that your account is unsafe by using our codes, you have the freewill to skip this offer. We are not forcing anyone here. Thanks for your time visiting our site though.

  • ken  says:

    this is so freaking awesome! thank yo for sharing this with us

  • Dont Be Too Greedy!!!  says:

    Thank you man, got my code! :)

  • :D :D :D  says:


  • ima so happy...........  says:

    i can’t believe it works and i got the codes

  • Darren245  says:

    I don’t know how are you able to do this but all I can say is your fucking awesome dude!!!

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